Friday, December 28, 2007

The Freaks Come Out at Night

I will probably not be posting for the next couple of days. Mainly because I am trying to "unplug" during the weekends. That means that I try not to surf the web, do any online shopping, check/respond to email, or post on this blog. Notice I said "try". I haven't gotten it 100% down pat, but I'm working on it. This is a new thing that I will implement in '08 and thought it'd be good to get into the habit as soon as possible so it won't be so hard to do during that first weekend in January. The one thing I can't manage to stop doing is... text messaging. As hard as I try, I have got to send at least 5 per day!

Also, could you please remember to comment? I don't know you're reading unless you comment. Hmmm... maybe y'all like it better that way, but I like knowing that I have an actual audience! I know people are reading because I'm getting emails and IMs about my posts, but... still no comments! LOL! I won't pressure ya, but if you are inclined to do so, I would love to hear your perspective on my random-ass two cents. Anyway, enjoy... and I'll be back to post come first of the year! See ya in '08!!

Early one Monday morning, I got a call from my male BFF recounting the adventures he had the night before (it was a holiday). He had gone out to a DC Sunday night spot called Lima. As he described his antics, he spoke with more and more intensity until suddenly, he cut himself off and said “Oh, and can I tell you that chicks were looking like straight streetwalkers last night. I mean, they could’ve walked a few more blocks down 14th Street and given the professionals a run for their money. It was ridiculous.” I laughed, but thought about the significance of that statement. First of all, my male BFF (he knows who he is – and most of you do, too), well… let’s just say he likes women. A lot. And women like him even more. Most of those women probably thought that they looked “classy, not trashy” to quote the go-go song by the same name and were out to snag a dude like him. But even though their intent was to look “nice”, they were perceived as looking “nasty”. I asked male BFF what the women had been wearing and he said “short tight skirts with their breasts all out”.

Now, admittedly, I have worn clothes that flaunt my assets… what woman hasn’t? But I would like to think that when I have done it (at least it recent years), my outfits have been… let’s call it “tastefully provocative”. I mean, I don’t think I could’ve successfully solicited clientele on 14th Street based on what I was wearing.

But, my friend’s comments reminded me of a statement that someone had made many years ago. My brother’s female BFF used to work at Love - DC’s Friday night hotspot (for black folks). (I won’t give her name or her title because some of y’all probably know her.) But one day she told me that “after 10pm, the clientele at Love has less clothes, less class”. At the time, I had chuckled at her wittiness. But now, that I reflect on it, her comment wasn’t just clever, but insightful.

On the same night that my friend observed the prostitutes-in-training at Lima, my bestie and I went to an 18+ party also in DC. In my defense, a friend (who is my age) was promoting the party and requested my attendance in support of his opening night. I am always one to support, so I dragged Best Girlfriend along and partied with the college kids for the first time since… well… I was in college. But, as soon as I arrived, I became painfully aware of the age gap between me, my bestie and… everyone else. I thought I’d be dressed appropriately in a lacy, spaghetti strapped top and a pair of tight(er) jeans.

Y’all, compared to some of the outfits that these young girls were wearing, I might as well have been wearing a burka. I kid you not, these chicks were laid out in bra tops and pum-pum shorts. With stilettos.


Why? Why do females feel that, in an effort to garner attention, they must dress like hoochies? I, too, have felt like, ‘well, if I am not wearing a top that shows a little cleavage, I can forget about meeting anyone tonight’. That’s a sad sentiment, but let’s be honest, what man is gonna pay attention to little old me in my shirt and jeans when he’s got an eyeful of chicks that are damn there showing areolas, nipples and butt cheeks? Even I have to admit that’s much better scenery. (no homo)

After I reflected on the atmosphere in that 18+ party later that night, I attributed the skankdom to the age group of the attendees, thinking ‘Well, maybe because these girls are in their late teens, they don’t really know any better’. But, then, I had that early morning conversation with my friend that indicated that this sort of behavior doesn’t get any better with age. How depressing.

“After 10pm, less clothes, less class.”

Funny, but then again… not so much. Let’s get it together, ladies…

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Arlene...blackorchid said...

the fact is they (the younger crew) hasn't been accustomed to the less is more concept is one thing. the "older" ppl they look to on bet and mtv don't wear more than these girls wear. i'd like them to look at rhi rhi or beyonce's (yes i said b) casual wear - they're fully clothed. i just don't understand it.