Friday, December 21, 2007

The Master Cleanser/Getting Rid of Dead Weight

January 8, 2007 - Monday

The Master Cleanser

I have not eaten solid food in 7 days.

On January 1st, I decided that I wanted to make my body as healthy as possible. After all, you only get one body in this life, and your body is what you make it. I couldn't accept the fact that this is as good as it gets.
So, inspired by my girl SeeLaH on The Cru, I decided to try out the Master Cleanser (MC).

For those of you who don't know about the MC, here's a little breakdown of how it goes:

You spend 10 – 40 days subsisting off of nothing but a lemonade substance. The "lemonade" is made of organic lemon (or lime) juice, filtered water, organic maple syrup and organic cayenne pepper.

Now, the MC is not just for weight loss (although, that is a truly wonderful side effect). It's more about detoxifying your body. So, along with the lemonade, you must also drink a… ahem… laxative tea… and take a sea salt water flush each morning. This process cleans out your intestines and cleanses your liver – an organ that does a WHOLE LOT for your body.

I've been on the MC for seven days now, and I've lost nearly 10 lbs. But, I also feel more energized, my skin has cleared up, my hair is getting thicker (!), my clothes are falling off of me, my mood has improved… I can't stop bragging about the benefits.

And, best of all… I am not hungry. AT ALL.

If you had asked me six months ago whether I thought I would be successful at something like the MC, I would've told you… hell to da naw!! I honestly couldn't fathom ONE day with no solid food. I have reflected on it and I honestly can't remember going a day without food – not even when I was sick. Never. But seven days without food? Six months ago, I would've told you that a person who went seven days without eating food would have to be put on life support. I just couldn't understand the concept.

But, it can be done. And, if I can do it, ANYBODY can do it. I absolutely LOVE food. You could just look at me and tell that I didn't miss any meals, if you know what I'm saying… But, while on the MC, I have been around tons of people eating really good shit and I've been able to sit through the meal with my little glass of lemonade and be ok. Really be ok… even I am floored by this.

One of the many New Year's Day promises that I made to myself was to keep surprising myself by what I am able to accomplish in '07. Eight days into the New Year and I've started already. I have already exceeded my own expectations. Damn, I can't believe it.

Seven days down, three to go…

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Anonymous said...

what an accomplishment! congrats!