Friday, December 07, 2007

Get a LIFE!!!

Originally posted: March 28, 2006 - Tuesday

This weekend, while flipping through the channels, I heard a character on some random show say something very profound. She said "A woman can spend her whole life waiting for a man." I missed the next five minutes of the show just reflecting on that statement. And, I realized that it is sooooo true! From the time we are very small, women are told through fairy tales and songs and even games, that one day a man will come along to save them from themselves and/or to "complete" their lives. And, we women buy into this falsehood hook, line and sinker. Think back to the stories of your youth. Cinderella, one of the most popular fairy tales, involves a young, beautiful, helpless woman living a pretty messed up life. Things don't get better for her until her "Prince Charming" comes along. Sleeping Beauty tells little girls that one can be rescued from a coma by some random Prince. Snow White well, that's a whole other story. She needed EIGHT men to survive (Seven dwarfs and a Prince) . All of these women are described as young, beautiful and HELPLESS. And none of them stood a chance out here in this world without the assistance of the noble Prince who acts valiantly only because she was beautiful enough to be worthy of his help.

As a result, women wait around for their whole lives - many believing that some day a man will come along and rescue them. But, I'm hoping that more and more women are recognizing that they no longer need to be rescued. In fact, they NEVER needed to be rescued in the first place. I hope that they are realizing that fairy tales are a bunch of bullshit. Sometimes we need to be reminded that these stories are not real life. And, we need not put our lives on hold in anticipation of some man coming along to complete us. Reflecting on the statement of that character on said show, I'm realizing that what she meant was that some women WASTE their lives waiting for a man. And, that's just sad.

So, here's the challenge. Women of today: Live your lives with reckless abandon! Don't have a coronary at the thought that your Prince Charming might never arrive. Instead, recognize that you might have to "settle" for being HAPPILY SINGLE (which could turn out to be a lot more fun than UNHAPPILY ATTACHED) and move on with your lives. Be a complete person NOW! Don't wait for a man to "complete" you, because if you think it takes the affection of another person to make you complete, then you're pretty pathetic anyway. Get busy. Go see movies, plays and concerts; go get a luxurious mani and pedi; have brunch with your girlfriends; walk your dog; babysit for your nieces and nephews; read a book; write a book; mix up a pitcher of martinis and guzzle the entire thing before you make it to the couch; catch a Lakers game AT the STAPLES CENTER a change of scenery is GOOD! Do whatever you want! Just, whatever you do, don't waste your time seeking love. Let love come find you. Besides, with your new fun, exciting, stimulating single life you may no longer want to be found

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