Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The "Intro" That Sprialed Out of Control

Random thoughts. Can't believe this is really how my mind works. LOL! Enjoy!

I have been SO BUSY! I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say that due to the fact that I am consistently broke on a monthly basis, I have assumed a few side projects to help make ends meet. And, when I say “make ends meet”, that’s just what I mean. I am floored by how I am unable to save money no matter how much extra dough I think I will have after all the bills have been paid. In fact, these days, it seems like the more money I think I’ll be able to save, the more I actually end up spending. I’ll set aside some cash for a “rainy day” and then have to tap into that stash because some unforeseen expense will arise. Like, for instance, this month I received a notice saying that my car registration needs to be renewed by the end of the month. And that was just ONE surprise.

In an annoying twist. I was also notified that it is time to make a donation to this thing called the “Client Protection Fund”. This “donation” is required of every attorney licensed to practice in the state. You’ll notice that I put the word “donation” in quotation marks. That’s because it’s hard to believe that something could be called a “donation” when it comes to you in an envelope with “COURT ORDERED MANDATE” emblazoned on the front. And the bastards have the nerve to charge $210.00 for it! Ugh. Sometimes I swear I’d be in a better financial situation had I just gotten my B.A. and started working immediately after undergrad. Hmm… in fact, I’m SURE that I’d be in a better situation had I chosen that path. At least then there’d be no “COURT ORDERED MANDATE”s being delivered twice a year. But, as usual, I digress…

I was saying all that to say that this is the reason why there hasn’t been a blog for a couple days. I’ve been on my grind trying to earn some additional funds. I have to find a way to manage my time more effectively so that my life is not ALL work and I can manage to squeeze some play in there somewhere.

Lately, the “play” has been whittled down to just about nonexistent. The weather had been miserable here in D.C. Dreary and bitter cold. So nobody was having parties. At least nobody yours truly knows. I need to get down with a more sociable crowd. My friends and I work so hard, we don’t have time to even canvass our friends to see what’s happening around town. I recently started spending more time with a friend from law school. In fact, she’s responsible for my only party appearance in the last two months. A few weeks back, I went to a “Prince vs. The World” party with her and a few other friends. I didn’t even know that we had such parties here in D.C. She introduced me to something new! I had a ball!! I got a drink at the bar (a Red Stripe because it was only $5 and I am on a budget), gulped it down, chased it with some water and proceeded to dance until I sweat out my relaxer and my feet were hurting (and I was wearing flats!). In fact, my hair still hasn’t fully recovered. (I need to factor a relaxer into the budget this month, too! <>)

Anyway, Prince vs. The World was a great party although I would have to say that, in my honest opinion, if the competition was really between Prince and “the World”, this time around it’s The World – 1, Prince – 0. Yup, that’s right. I got down waaay harder to some of the other songs than to the Prince joints that the D.J. was spinning. Yeah so anyway, I’m saying all that to say that I’ll probably be hanging with her again since she seems to know where the fun parties are. Besides, if I keep down the same path, I’ll inevitably waste away on my couch watching episodes of “Sex and the City”, “The Wire” and “Project Runway” OnDemand, because that’s what I’ve been doing every weekend for the last few months. Pathetic.

But I recently discovered that I probably have SAD (seasonal affective disorder). This I discovered after extensive research… I Googled “feeling unmotivated in winter” and that was the result. I am totally unmotivated when it is cold and dark outside. Speaking of “getting dark”, have you noticed that the sun is setting later in the day now? Yay! Finally, I am able to see a sliver of sunlight when I leave work. It’s usually set by the time I get home, but at least I get to see the last rays before my day is over. This is important to me since I don’t have windows in my office and generally don’t know what’s going on outside of my office building from one minute to the next. When I am at work it makes no difference whether the day is mild and beautiful or if there is a monsoon ranging. Either way, I don’t see it, hear it… I am completely unaware of the weather situation, which sometimes works to my benefit if it is cold and rainy. I am thinking of investing in one of those light bulbs that mimics sunlight as treatment for my SAD. But only if it costs less than $10…

Whew! That was a long intro… and now that I read it, it’s more than one-page long and isn’t so much an “intro” afterall. I think this qualifies as a bona fide post. So, I will treat it as such.

More pontificating on life, fashion, romance, Jeremy, Ascot, and celeb gossip at a later date. For now, this is all you’re getting! (But, I hope it explains why my posting has been so infrequent… or does it?? Re-reading it, I guess it’s really more of a random stream of consciousness. Sorry!)

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broke as a joke said...

It's comforting that I'm not the only broke person in the work world . . . I went to grad school straight after undergrad thinking I'd be set or at least ahead of the curve . . . I even went to one of the finest institutions in the world . . . and where am I now? Poor. Struggling. And working harder than most to be poor and struggling. Sigh.