Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Push I Needed

Ok, so every once in a while, I slack off with my blog posts. I admit that I am a bipolar blogger. Typically, I (try to) post at least every two days (my stable period), but some weeks are busier than others and I get thrown off track. You may be lucky to get a blog every 4-5 days when I'm having one of those busy spurts (depressive state). But, once I get back into the habit of posting, it's like I can't stop (MANIA!). Today, I am feeling maniacal about posting. I am inspired to post again, because I want to share with you some words that I found super-inspiring. I hope that you get as much motivation from reading it as I did.

I have explained before that I have big dreams that I'm always afraid to act on. Hopefully, one day, I will get the cajones to actually move forward with them. I just need that extra push and reading words like these from Jen Sicero, a woman who stepped out on faith, took a nosedive, and then soared higher than she ever could've dreamed, is exactly the kind of push that I need. I am beginning to recognize that by risking nothing, you risk everything. If you don't ever take any chances, you'll never make strides... ok, enough with the cliches...

This post is taken from a blog called "Ladies Who Launch", which is a site that focuses on "Insight, Expertise, Advice, Commentary and Entertainment from our Ladies Who Launch Incubator Members". There's actually a lot of good info on this site, but this post is especially exciting to me...

January 21, 2008
Jen Sincero: Upgrade

(From Los Angeles Incubator Leader Jen Sincero who is also the author, sex expert and DJ.)

I recently moved out of the smallest apartment I’ve ever lived in (and that includes the 7 years I spent in NYC). It was a hard, uncomfy choice to move in the first place, but it was 4 blocks from the
beach in Venice, a place that, unlike the rest of Los Angeles, makes my little heart sing.

Venice has always been the Holy Grail of neighborhoods for me, and I was ready to move there long before I actually did, but I put it off because I knew that the only places I’d be able to afford would be so sketchy I’d be scared to walk around in them barefoot.

When I found my beloved little veal pen, it was not only the cleanest place I’d seen, but it was cheap, sunny, on a perfect block and, most importantly, I could hear the waves crashing from my open bedroom
window. Who cares that it was so small that I could get something out of the fridge and answer the front door without getting up from the toilet? I was miserable living where I was living. I was beyond ready to move. So I took it.

As I write this from my new, spacious and sunny beach house, I’m struck by how important this lesson is to remember in all aspects of life. If there’s something you really want, the important thing is that you make a move towards it, regardless of how uncomfy your landing pad may be. The critical thing is that you take the leap, that you get moving instead of being paralyzed by how much you may end up “downsizing” or putting yourself at risk. Because the beauty of sacrifice is that it means you’re ready to grow into something else, and if you never make that sacrifice, you’re just stagnant - an object in motion stays in motion, an object stuck at her soul-sucking day job because she’s too scared to lose her benefits and start her dream company dies with huge regrets. Once you take that first, invigorating leap, it inspires you to keep moving and growing, so don’t be upset if you’ve landed somewhere “beneath” you at first, but rather be glad you’re not where you once stood anymore.

At the end of the day, nothing is as uncomfortable as settling for a life you’re not excited to live, not even an apartment that makes you feel like "Alice in Wonderland" every time you stand up. I was so much happier there than where I came from because I was on my way. And as far as I’m concerned, there is no upgrade as fancy as going after your dreams.

Source. (emphasis added)

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