Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Star is Born

Last year sometime, I watched a movie called “The Holiday” starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. The movie was about two women who were living boring lives, just maintaining… nothing more. They swap houses for a vacation and, with the change of scenery, they each find love and other things that fulfill their lives.

Kate Winslet character moves from London to LA to live in Cameron Diaz’s mansion. While there, she makes friends with an elderly male neighbor and they end up becoming very dear friends. In the movie, Kate Winslet doesn’t know that she’s a beautiful person in and out. I suppose she suspects it, but she is just not sure. It takes this little old man to make her realize that she is basically wasting her life by not living “for today”. He explains that in life, there are “leading ladies” and then there are “best friends”… the supporting cast, if you will. He asks her straight up, “Why are you living your life like a best friend when you’re a leading lady?”

As Oprah says, I had a “light bulb” moment. It wasn’t hard for me to realize that I am a lot like Kate Winslet’s character. I, too, have champagne wishes & caviar dreams. And I want big things for myself, but I am living my life like I’m in someone else’s supporting cast rather than embracing my role as the leading lady. Hey, I’m grounded enough to know that I’m not the leading lady of anyone else’s life-movie, but now I realize that I should damn sure be the STAR of my own!

I promised myself that 2008 would be my year. Thank God there are 361 days left in the year because I need to get a move-on to make 2008 a memorable one for all the right reasons. As a leading lady, I have no business NOT doing exceptional things! Cause while I’ve been busy “waiting for the right time” to do such and such, my life has been passing me by. If I was in the audience watching my life-movie, I would've fallen asleep in my popcorn before I reached today's scene. And that’s just sad. Time to rewrite the script.

What have I learned? I am the STAR of this show, people. All of you are just extras on the set of my real-life dramedy. (jokes, sorta)

What have you learned? This is the only life you get. THIS, right here, is your movie and there is no time for dress rehearsals. You only get one shot!

Ask yourself, have you accepted your role as the leading wo/man in your life-movie?

If not, do yourself a favor and start making some changes. Afterall, you are a star, so you deserve nothing less...

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