Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Lions and Tigers and Black Cats - Oh My!

Monday was Halloween. As I was driving home from my life as a corporate slave, I passed a public school in a residential neighborhood. A little white boy was walking by wearing an afro wig. I stopped. I stared. I tried to determine whether I was offended by his "costume". Just who was he supposed to be? Is this where I would find drama?

I thought about parking the car and walking over to confront him about his motives - I would ask him what he was trying to prove by dressing up as a darkie for Halloween. I fantasized about popping him in the lip if he chose to get smart with me. Maybe I'd even be arrested for assault! But, then I realized that I really wasn't that concerned about the motives of a 12 year-old white boy living in middle class America. He probably doesn't even have motives yet. And, so, I moved on.

When I finally made it to my parents' house (where I currently reside as a result of being BROKE as a joke) and drove up the cul-de-sac, it was already dark. The time had "fallen back" on Saturday night in nature's effort to further depress me. As I was turning into my parking space, I noticed a jet black cat sitting by the mailbox. I'm not even shitting you! Just sitting there. Watching me! At first, I thought it was a statue that someone had placed there just for Halloween kicks. When I realized it was real, I freaked the hell out. I have never seen the black cat roaming the neighborhood before. And, why would it choose to show its face on Halloween of all freakin days? When I parked and began headed for my front door, I walked over to the mailbox, but the cat was gone. I looked around, hoping that one of my neighbors was milling about outside and maybe might have seen the black cat, too. But, I was alone. And, in the dark. And, suddenly, the scene was all very creepy. A black cat on Halloween. I took this as a sign - drama is just around the corner. Excitement, in my life, is waiting just around the bend... I can just feel it.

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