Friday, December 02, 2005

Butter face!

After spotting the black cat on Halloween, I can't say that anything particularly creepy has occurred. Certainly, nothing exciting enough to document here. So, we'll just take that as a fluke incident and exorcise the negative implications.

At any rate, in my quest to find a suitable mate, I've made one decision. I have to work some of this weight off my fat ass. How fat you say? Fat enough that I now have dimples where smooth skin used to be. And, I'm only mid-20s, so there's no reason at all for me to be dealing with the "dimple dilemma" other than the fact that I prefer truffles to treadmills and eclairs to ellipticals. I am, simply, exercise averse. It goes against my nature to exercise. I'm sedintary in nature, which really hasn't done much for my girlish figure. I don't think that I'm to the point where men no longer find me desirable. But, I will say that the number of catcalls has fallen off since my college days. The truth is that a man will take a skinny girl over a chunky one anyday. Now, people may choose to disagree, but the simple truth is this: ask three rational men whether they'd prefer to date a girl with a dancer's body and a butter face (i.e., "Her body is ridiculous! But, her {"butter"} face... eww!") or a plus-sized model (in other words, a fat girl with a pretty face). I bet that the ugly chick with the fly body gets more play - at least 2 out of 3 times. Go ahead. Try it. And, get back to me with the results.

Until then, I'm going on a diet. Here's the plan: each day, I will drink nothing but water with fresh squeezed lemons; I will eat oatmeal and boiled eggs for breakfast, salad greens with plain tuna and low-fat dressing for lunch, and grilled chicken breast and steamed vegetables with brown rice for lunch. No more 2-scoop hot fudge sundaes from Baskin-Robbins or 3-piece chicken dinners from Popeye's. That's my word. This also leads me to recognize that since I am - by no means - the "model type", I need to get that dancers body! What better way to do that, than to... DANCE?! I took ballet for three years from ages 5-8. I learned it once, I could learn it again. It's probably like riding a bike. I mean, how hard could it really be? I guess we'll see...

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