Sunday, July 27, 2008

She's baaaaack!

I’m back y’all! Yup, the Brown Girl is back. The last couple of months have been really stressful. Getting used to this new job has been a real challenge and I’ve had little time to do the things that I love, like writing, idle chatter, internet “window shopping” (cause I can’t afford to buy even half of what I want), watching the “Black in America” series on CNN, etc. But, I’m tired of making excuses.

I’ve started writing so many times. In fact, I have about seven completed posts sitting on my desktop. But, truthfully, I am not proud of these posts. For the most part, they are tinged with negativity and pessimism. Now, I’m a pessimist by nature. I think I might have been born that way, but I’m not sure. At least, as long as I can remember, I have been a “realist”, which is just a synonym of “pessimist”. And, I’m wondering whether that’s held me back in my life. I am well aware of the “power of positive thinking” movement that has become so popular these days. I even took a ride on The Secret bandwagon for a little while, but I quit that because it was too tough for me to visualize all those damn happy thoughts. And so I’ve been grappling with this latest bout of negativity and I’ve refrained from posting because, hey, no sense in me bringing you down with me!

But today, someone sitting next to me on the train was wearing Jeremy’s cologne. And just like that… instantaneously, I was inspired to write something that wasn’t all about gloom and doom and post it right away! It’s not even like I was inspired to write about Jeremy himself because I haven’t really thought about him… REALLY thought about him… one way or another, in months. It was just something about that familiar scent that brought me back to reality and made me realize that I needed to snap out of this nonsensical “depression” and get creative again.

So… right here, right now, I am making a new commitment to this blog.

Dear Blog:

I apologize that I’ve been away for such a long time. I left you with no explanation and no sense of closure, and that’s just not fair. You are very important to me and I apologize sincerely for essentially ignoring you for weeks (or months – yikes!). You are always there for me when I need to vent, always willing to be a vessel for my opinions on just about everything under the sun. You are patient with me and provide me a means to keep in touch with my friends both near and far. And, for that, I am very grateful. So, I am ready to renew my commitment to you. I promise to remember you, respect you, and to ensure that you realize your full potential.

Lovely Brown Girl

Ok, so now that that’s out of the way, we can move on. I’m back… at least for a little while.

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